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"It [the MP3 audio on the website] was a nice meditation experience. I never thought it possible on the Internet. Thank you"
-Carlos B.,  Portugal


I just ordered your e-book. Both the website and e-book are heaven- sent. Thank You! During meditation I am often visited by thoughts of what to say to someone who asks me for advice on meditation. (It's starting to happen as people notice a change in me.) Now I know what to do...send them your way.
-Jim D., Montreal, Canada


"Great Work and Thanks for making it free as that's all I can afford"
Michael H., Oklahoma, USA


"I find the course extremely friendly and accessible, and especially like the way that you present meditation in a non-mystical fashion: as a basic practice that can be the underpinning of all other forms of inner work. You've made it as accessible as possible without watering it down, and that's an achievement! The book also feels true to the tradition, which is important. Your overview of meditation and its benefits is terrific. Especially valuable is the diagram you present about the flow of attention. So many meditators get derailed when they find that they can't keep their mind steady right from the beginning, and your explanation and diagram should make it possible for students to understand how to work with their own flow of attention rather than becoming frustrated by it. The book is a classic manual for basic practice, which will help so many people enter meditation, understand their own practice, and deal successfully with some of the key obstacles that arise."
-Sally Kempton, California, USA
  Yoga and Meditation teacher. Author The Heart of Meditation


"What you've done is a boon to humanity. Nothing less. Thanks."
S.W. H., Oklahoma, USA


"It is very obvious that this program was created and distributed in the spirit on kindness. It will be my pleasure to come to understand the purpose of your intent. Thanks for taking the time that you have."
-Jeff O., San Diego, USA


"Very, very promising site for me, and it's exciting to see somebody doing this as a public service. Love the writing. I've been trying for decades to find something I could enjoy and stick with."
-Geoff G, Lebanon, NH, USA


"I just meditated with your audio experience and I must say it is a refreshing change from my previous attempts, although they have their place too, and I see you mention them on this site as well. This one, however made me feel really honest and able to see what's really going on inside rather than ignoring it in effort to feel at peace. Thank you. I can't wait to read chapter 2!"


"Thank you for all the info that's on the site, I love it! I need to remain anonymous.", California, USA
[Allowing anonymity is an important part of our mission. NMI]


"Thank your for making this course available to all who have limited means. I like your presentation. Namste."
-David Wallingford, Connecticut, USA

"I have been suffering from stress, this is the first time i have tried meditation and I have found this very helpful indeed. Thank you."
-Michael after listening to MP3 Meditative Experience


"It is refreshing. It keeps the mind in the state of tranquility and invigorating as well. I like it very much. Thank you so much, Ted. I really appreciate it"
Antonio after listening to MP3 Meditative Experience

"Synchronicity :)  "
Janece H., Placentia, California, USA


"Thank you so much for providing this course, and for FREE, no less. I am extremely anxious to get started."
-Terry L.


"This is great of you to do this! We must understand the mind."
-Michelle K, West Chester, Ohio, USA


"I'm browsing the course and anonymity is important to me because I have a public role."
[Allowing anonymity is an important part of our mission. NMI]


"It has been an interesting third year of Natural Meditation.  I very much value my daily traditional meditation session...The stress level associated with emotional issues goes down after a session... Evolving and growing with Natural Meditation has helped me gain a better perspective on my role relative to the world... My [pistol] shooting has improved significantly. I was the most improved shooter in my league last year (over 150 participants) and have placed first in my class at a couple of matches this summer."
read more on his experiences with pistol shooting
-Tom M,  Albany NY, USA


"I'm looking forward to doing the course. I'd like to thank you in advance for developing this free online course, and spending the time and money to keep it available for anyone who's interested."
-Martin G. East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK


"Thank you so much for this site. I am excited about beginning the lessons."
-Terry L., Conyers, GA, USA


"I have read the Text and I am starting on the Lessons. For two days in a row I have done a 20 min sitting in the morning before jogging. I was amazed at how fast the time went by! It only seemed like 4 or 5 min. I am not sure yet but I think you have changed my life a little for the better. Thanks."
-Bob H, Oklahoma City, OK, USA


"I looked at your site. Nice to see how you have presented meditation, a great place for people to start. So often people who are interested in meditating, are also presented with all the colorings."
-Sambodhi Prem, New Zealand


"Nicely described as a human function often experienced within cultural forms...I like your carefully neutral wording.  Thanks."
-Annee B, Troy, NY, USA


"I thank you for taking the time to build this Internet course for Natural Meditation and making my life that much easier. A little more than a month ago I decided to take the course after struggling for approximately 3 months with [another meditation method]. I have been self teaching through books for the whole time. Probably not the best choice, but the resources in this part of the world are few and far between.  I have to say that this Internet course is by far the clearest and best structured guide I have come across so far [and] is the closest thing to an in person teacher I've read.  I have definitely made some progress since the beginning. Lots of ups and
downs in the process but they seem to be thinning out. This course is an indispensable tool for those who wish to truly understand meditation and its benefits: Plain and Simple."

–Guy C, New Brunswick, Canada

"Thanks for the book. Your ideas are brilliant. I enjoyed your use of words as much as your ideas. Couldn't put it down!"
–Linda H, Huntington, NY, USA


"I think the difference between the Relaxation Response (RR) approach and Natural Meditation (NM) is at least partially the difference in results that are desired... RR is trying to get you to relax, while NM relaxes you while elevating your sense of awareness. To have your physical state slow down at the same time your mental state is becoming more aware of its surroundings is an incredible state, and it is the changed mental state that has the longer lasting impact."
–Tom M., Albany NY, USA

"The site is awesome! You've done alot. It is clean. clear, neat and user-friendly. The Perspective essay is impressive. You have a masterful way of presenting information with clarity, honesty and sincerity. These qualities invite the reader to explore without fear. Your analogies are perfect - they fit and don't fall apart. The care that you have taken to prepare this is worth every minute."
–Rebecca H, Strafford NH, USA

"Thanks so much, its truly wonderful! Congratulations on making such a beautiful, meaningful product!!!"
–Bonnie F., Albany NY, USA

"This is such an incredibly interesting field. You've done an amazing job of putting this course together. The course has been very helpful and informative. I am a product development Chemist and my husband is an Anesthesiologist. I have been meditating every night before I go to bed since this is my only alone time (I have a 2 year old son). It has already helped me so much in so many ways. Thanks!"
-Melissa R., OH, USA


"I really, really like your website, and even more, your way of looking at the meditation. Yes, it doesn't belong to any particular culture, but just within ourselves. Your selfless contribution to arouse our human beings' awareness is far, far from measurement in terms of money."
–Jean Y., Lakeville CT


"I'm really impressed. Thank you!"
–Kelly K., Kinderhook NY, USA


"I loved the course. I found it enjoyable to read and it was a great way to get started. Some of the instructions enabled me to sit for periods longer than before, which was very helpful. I never, ever miss a day, and wouldn't dream of it. I look forward to it, and feel better afterwards, and that's what matters most. And overall, I do notice feeling more connected to the Universe, which is what I'm after."
–Kyle T., NJ, USA

"I am looking forward to the lessons. And, thanks for sharing your knowledge with others."
–Joelle G., New York City, USA


"I really enjoyed the course. I thought the reading material was excellent, and superb preparation for the meditation. I was an easy sell on the commitment and longevity aspects of it, so sitting down everyday doing the meditating isn't a problem. Of course, some days it feels "better" than others, but I was really glad to learn that that's pretty much irrelevant. Thrilled, actually. Having so many people in my life who are absolutely committed to meditating really helps, also."
–Kyle T., New Jersey, USA


"I have thoroughly explored and contemplated your website and am very interested in your course. Having taken courses and classes in meditation, I should perhaps practice the subject more often than I do. Somehow, the day gets past me and it's time to go to bed more often than not, without my having meditated. Recently, I am searching for and need this peaceful escape and am looking for what your website describes in such perfect words."
–Kathy C. USA


"This site looks great. Great graphics and content!"
–Nancy C, Chatham NY, USA 


"Wonderful website. You cover everything....and very well written. I love the analogy to aerobics. At first I thought it profane, taking something sacred and throwing it out into virtual space. Like putting a diamond up for grabs. For some people it is participating and being initiated into an ancient tradition that keeps them doing it. But then I thought why not? If this catches on, all the stigma associated with Eastern religion and "joining into something strange" will fade away and it will spread so much faster... the benefits are staggering for mankind. I am seeing it more acceptable in airports, bus stations, etc. - people just sitting with their eyes closed. GOOD LUCK!"
–Sally R., Albany NY, USA



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