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Theodore K. (Ted) Phelps

began studies in meditation and Eastern culture in 1970 while working on his degree in psychology at Yale. He has practiced a variety of meditative forms including Zen, Tai Chi, Transcendental Meditation, and Centering Prayer and has taught meditation, both as a fulltime profession and as a community service since 1972.

In 1994 he formulated the Natural Meditation method for those who do not want to meditate in religious or cultural settings and founded Natural Meditation Initiatives in 2000 with the self-paced online instruction. He wrote and publishes the book, A Course in Meditation and created the instructional audio CD Natural Meditation: A Guided Launch. He lives near the Berkshires in New York with his wife where he practices various art forms (painting, acting, poetry, music) and organizational information security. He was (now retired) the Chief Information Security Officer for the State University of New York for 10 years.

A Personal Note The author's preface to A Course in Meditation, 2007 describes some of the origins, of the course and the reasons for his work in meditation and personal practice.


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