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We are dedicated to increasing practical knowledge about meditation within the general public. We offer a generous, respectful approach in which people of widely varying meditation origins can collaborate. We offer barrier-free access to information, in an open, culturally neutral, structure.

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Meditative Literacy:
Meditative literacy includes the ability to meditate for at least 15 minutes in a wide variety of settings, and it includes the basic ideas necessary to maintain a practice of meditation in daily life. We join thousands of other organizations in working to raise meditative literacy at all levels of society. Natural Meditation Initiatives is different from most organizations in its dedication to clearing obstacles of culture, philosophy, authority, geography, physical handicap, and money out of the learner's way.

Ted Phelps

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A Personal Note The author's preface to A Course in Meditation, 2007 describes some of the origins, of the course and the reasons for his work in meditation and personal practice.

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Investor's Business Daily

Natural Meditation Initiatives was one of six websites listed in an article by Kathleen Doler in the March 24, 2004 edition of Investor's Business Daily of Los Angeles. "Meditation Gives Your Mind Permanent Working Holiday: Relaxation can improve your business decisions and your overall health." excerpt



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