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Natural Meditation
Audio Instruction

72 minutes, compact disc digital audio
$US16.00 + S/H
ISBN 10 0-9749061-1-5
ISBN 13 978-0-9749061-1-9

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Now Free, Online

Mobile-Friendly. Works well on mobiles (phones, tablets).

February 21, 2016. Ted Phelps has just put up online both the audio and, for the first time, the text of his "Guided Launch" to make it freely available online and well designed for use on mobiles. So, you can learn Natural Meditation right now. The CD still has its value and role, such as for those who are not online and as a meaningful gift and to donate to your library. But if you have a mobile smartphone or tablet, you can have it all right now and with the script to read and follow. Having the script makes this become our first one-hour course for readers (those who cannot use audio).

And...for the first scripts you can use on your own to lead others in an taste of Natural Meditation.

Natural Meditation, a guided launch with Ted Phelps

Settle back in a quiet place, perhaps with a friend, and receive step-by-instructions from Ted Phelps, the designer of the respectful, non-religious teaching method called Natural Meditation. The 72-minute program gives hands-on practice, including a 15-minute silent meditation timed for you right on the CD. When you come back, there痴 still time for 23 minutes of follow-up information.

This audio instruction teaches the skill of Natural Meditation in a way that complements A Course in Meditation.

It is also a stimulating, thoughtful refresher for those who have meditated before. The culturally neutral, all-natural approach is suitable for business, schools, wellness centers, and religious programs.

**Get the CD for just  $6.00 when you purchase it with the Natural Meditation book. The book gives the most complete instructions while the audio instruction gives the most direct experience and is certainly the easiest way to get launched. The book tells how to use the two together.

Listen Now
You can download an MP3 of the Introduction and Guided Meditative Experience. Ted Phelps leads his "Canoe Ride" silent experience. It is most of the first four tracks (see program, below) with a usage statement at the beginning that is not on the CD.
listen and relax

CD: Part One: Introduction and First Experience 18:21
listen  to an excerpt of Track 1 plus all of Tracks 2, 3, and 4. 
Track 1: Introduction to Meditation as Natural 6:53
  Track 2: Meditative Experience, "The Canoe Ride" 3:29
  Track 3: Experiencing in Silence 7:00
  Track 4. Ending Guidance 0:59
覧you can take a long break here if you wish覧

CD: Part Two: Learning the Method 12:22
  Track 5: Learning How To Begin and Do a Sitting 8:01
  Track 6: Practicing in Silence 2:00
  Track 7: Learning How To End a Sitting 2:21
覧you can take a brief break here if you wish覧

CD: Part Three: Full Sitting of Natural Meditation 20:36
  Track 8: Getting Started (Steps 1, 2, 3, 4) 1:29
  Track 9: Meditating in Silence (Steps 5, 6, 7) 15:00
  Track 10: Ending Meditation (Steps 8, 9, 10) 2:22
  Track 11: Reflections on First Meditation 1:45
覧you can take a long break here if you wish覧

CD: Part Four: Information, Theory, Inspiration 21:14
  Track 12: Ten Steps Listed with Commentary 6:03
覧you can take a long break here if you wish覧
  Track 13: Process and Content of Meditation 7:20
  Track 14: The Value of Meditating Every Day 7:51



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