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A Course in Meditation, Web

The Original Online Web Course

self-paced learning in the art of natural meditation

In one week...
    at home...
        free of charge...
           no strings...

You can learn to do 20-minute meditations and launch a daily meditation practice. This course is a complete, hands-on guide to a style of meditation suitable for anyone, designed around natural, rather than cultural principles. It's not a philosophy or history of meditation and comes with absolutely no strings attached.
Description of Content

Natural Meditation Initiatives has always made simple, non-cultural teaching one of its top priorities. Since our launch in May 2000, we have offered Ted Phelps' A Course in Meditation free of charge online. It is a respectful, non-religious teaching method for Natural Meditation. It takes about a week to complete.

A Course in Meditation was first published as a web course in 2000 and was updated several times through 2003. The redesigned version (2007) is available now as a book.

This course is one of the richest  and most complete instructions for new learners offered on the Internet. Its 42,000 words of rich content make it the top Google result for searches such as "non-religious meditation."


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