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A Course in Meditation, 2007
Paperback First Edition

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  Here’s a carefully constructed, hands-on guide to enjoying a natural, healthy, relaxing, and expansive state of mind and body. We have a natural talent for meditation, regardless of temperament or belief. It just takes a good, clear guide. The Internet’s web-based version of A Course in Meditation has helped people around the world since 2000 and is one of the finest instructions in natural, non-religious meditation available in print. It leads the reader with the sureness of a well-traveled mountain guide through a precise, yet comfortable, learning sequence lasting about a week. Follow this enjoyable trail and you’ll come out knowing how to meditate. And better still, how to let nature meditate within you.

"A great place for people to start." - New Zealand
Superb preparation for meditation." - New Jersey
The closest thing to an in-person teacher I’ve read." – Canada
Very great service to Mankind." – Bangalore, India
Couldn’t put it down!" - Long Island, NY
Highly recommend it over anything I’ve seen in 30 years." - New York
Masterful… with clarity, honesty and sincerity." – New Hampshire



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