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A Course in Meditation

The Book

self-paced learning in the art of natural meditation
Paperback First Edition

328-pages, paperback
$US20.00 + S/H
ISBN 978-0-9749061-0-2

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A Course in Meditation is a carefully designed set of instructions that enables self-motivated readers to learn an enjoyable, relaxing, health-supporting style of meditation in a few days and to learn it in a low-cost, culturally neutral format based in natural functions of the human body and mind. The seven-day course builds the following skills:

Sitting: The ability to let yourself enter a natural meditative state of mind and body for 15 or 20 minutes, sitting almost anywhere, at any time, on anything reasonably comfortable.

Practice: The ability to do one or two sittings of meditation nearly every day and to understand how meditative growth fits into oneís aspirations for life.

Ted Phelps' A Course in Meditation was first published as an online web course by the Natural Meditation Initiatives website at its launch in 2000. Now a new version is available in a First Edition paperback. It is an all-new design that expands the range of readers who can get value from the course. In time, its design and style will be applied to our free web course.

The book version is simultaneously easier for new learners and richer for in-depth study. Details on the differences.

**Get the CD with the book for just $6.00 more. The Natural Meditation CD gives the most direct and easy way of starting. It is a "guided launch" with the author and designer of Natural Meditation teaching method. The book tells how to use the two together.

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You can do more than "peek!" We are able to make several selections of the book available on our web site as a public service and to help readers decide whether to buy the book. Start with the Table of Contents and follow the links from there.

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Take a Look! -first 34 pages (PDF)

Review by Sally Kempton
author of The Heart of Meditation and contributing editor of Yoga Journal
Ms. Kempton's website:

Ted Phelps has created an introduction to meditation that is extremely friendly and accessible. I especially like the way he has presented meditation in a non-mystical fashion: as a basic practice that can be the underpinning of all other forms of inner work. He has made it as accessible as possible without watering it down, and thatís an achievement!

The book also feels true to the tradition, which is important, and I am pleased by the similarities with this and my own work. Referring to the process of meditation as a "meditative function" resonates strongly for me. Itís also interesting to note how many of usómany Siddha Yogis as well as many of Maharshiís studentsóuse the phrase I am in our meditations, and how effective it is!

So many meditators get derailed when they find that they canít keep their minds steady right from the beginning. The explanation and diagram of the flow of attention should make it possible for students to understand how to work with their own flow of attention rather than becoming frustrated by it.

The book is a classic manual for basic practice, which will help so many people enter meditation, understand their own practice, and deal successfully with some of the key obstacles that arise.

Sally Kempton
Carmel, CA
author of The Heart of Meditation
contributing editor of Yoga Journal


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