Welcome to this course. It is "self-paced", which means you will be both leader and student. If this is your first self-paced course, then we hope this experience will encourage you to do more learning in this style.

Note, we have created newer resources since this web course, first published in 2000. Take a look at the high quality paperback book edition of this course and the audio book (CD) instruction.

About the screen: throughout the course there will be an upper menu that does not scroll off the screen. There are two types, depending on what you are doing. When you are doing the lessons, you have the tabs presented for the lessons, but if you click the "Text Book" tab, you will get a different menu to navigate the Textbook.

When you are doing the lessons, you also have a navagation menu that lays out the actions you do for that lesson. Just click through them from top to bottom. When you are finished, click the tab for the next lesson. For example, your next step is to Set Your Schedule and there is a link to that on the navigation menu. Then there is some "catch-up" reading for those that came here without reading these introductions. They are optional reading.

A "heads-up:" Look in on the Prep section (see tabs along the top) to get a feel for the tasks there. You don't want to come up on the night before Lesson 3 and then discover you cannot print or don't have cards, paper, a room to use, etc.