Preparations for Lesson 3

Objective: to have in place and ready to go all that you need to do Lesson 3.

For Lesson 3, you will need...

  1. Understanding of the main ideas in the first two lessons
  2. Time to meditate and complete the course during the coming two days
  3. An hour of undisturbed time for your first meditation
  4. A private room or space reserved for your first meditation. Look for a room that is quiet and does not have people walking through it. You should not sit in direct sunlight or in a constant breeze. Protect yourself from people dropping over, the phone ringing, children making demands on you. Once you know how to meditate, you will not need to be so careful, but for Lesson 3, protect yourself. Tell people who live with you what your schedule might require of them. Don't just say, "I need the place quiet for the next hour", but talk about it ahead of time so they can plan how best to give you the time and space you require.
  5. A chair or couch that is comfortable. Don't use your bed for Lesson 3. Select something that you can be comfortable in for half an hour or more, but a sleepily soft seat is not the best. You want some support of your lower back, but not so much support that you fall into a nap.
  6. A clock or watch that is easily readable. If the room will be dark, think about how you will read the time without moving out of your seat.
  7. A set of Guide Cards. Print a set from the Appendix. It is also fine to write them out, taking time to make them neat. The main point is to give yourself a set of in-the-moment instructions that you do not have to struggle to read. Prepare your cards for Lesson 3 and them keep them safe. Do not leave them around where others will disturb them, or start asking you questions about them. Notice that Guide Cards 1,2,4,5,8, and 9 have a distinguishing mark (*) in the lower left corner. You will use those ones for the guided meditations in Lesson 4 and 5 and occasionally after the course. You will not be using the cards or other devices during your daily sittings.
  8. Sitting Record. The sheet gives you room to record the time of each sitting for four weeks, Sunday to Saturday. Print one from the Appendix.
  9. Rested, alert mindon the day of Lesson 3. Get a good sleep before the lesson to give your first meditation its best chance for a clear launch.

You can give yourself a wonderful boost for 3 Three by giving it a respectful place at the top of your day and having everything all set the night before. It can help to make the morning a special and memorable one if you do not have to run around and get stressed over mundane matters. If you live alone or can control your environment, it will be conducive to wake up, wash up, eat lightly, not speak to anyone, and go right into the Lesson.