Thank You!

Your participation in A Course In Meditation deserves the thanks of all who work to promote meditative literacy.

You have added your intelligence and your heart to the pool of knowledge and growing wisdom on the planet regarding the way humans function and develop. You have contributed to the health of the world in some measure just by paying attention to your own health.  Any time anyone works at life from the core of experience, the benefits radiate throughout the periphery of their own lives and inevitably shine on nearby lives as well. So, on behalf of Natural Meditation Initiatives, we repeat, "Thank you for studying meditation."

Remember to write in your calendar, if you have not already, to come back to the Course In Meditation in four weeks or less. Plan to redo Lesson 4 including the guided meditation and to browse anything else you like.

Every few weeks, do a guided meditation. When you find, or make, a friend who does Natural Meditation, occasionally do a guided meditation for each other.

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