Instructions for First Meditation

Read this just before going into the meditation room:

You are now all set to begin meditating. Meditation is a wonderful part of life, but it is also something natural. So, don't expect today's experience to feel anything but comfortable and, yes, natural.

The steps presented on the Guide Cards will carry you through the simple technique to elicit the meditative function. Your body will become rested and your mind will become softer, quieter and more open. The mind leads the way in this process as you gently recall a specific meditation word, a mantra. The mantra will be presented in the Guide Cards. To elicit the meditative function, the mantra must be experienced in a natural way. The cards you have prepared have simple instructions that will help you approach meditation in the proper way, and that is, simply, natural thinking. If you have not already looked at the cards, do so now. Just see what they are saying. Notice they shift only one or two items each time. The changed items are underlined.

Take care of your phone now. Take it off the hook, have someone ready to answer it, or turn it down. Noise and sounds in the environment are no big deal really, but we are so "wired" to our phones that they need special handling. 

bullet When you go into your meditation room, take the Guide Cards, sorted 1 to 11. 
bullet Sit in your chair and be sure you can see your clock or watch. Go through the cards one by one. Read the entire card noting the length of time for that step. You can just estimate the times, except the 15-minute final session.
bullet By the time you have finished, you will have done several short meditations and one 15-minute meditation.

Go to your meditation room and follow the instructions.


Notes for afterward:

bulletDo the journaling questions.
bulletRemember your schedule. If you are following the standard one, you will meditate again today and tomorrow and do Lesson Four tomorrow. Do not deviate from your schedule without significant reason.
bulletBring the Guide Cards to your Lesson 4 site.
bulletDon't rely on your computer and your network to be up when you need to do Lesson 4. (remember the tips on this given in the Prep, "Getting to Lesson 4"?)