Summary & Next Steps

Summary of Lesson 2:

  1. Natural Meditation is a specific form of meditation with a ten-step agenda.
  2. It has no cultural forms. So, it looks and feels natural and fits into a variety of settings.
  3. Meditation is "fueled" by an expansive, happiness-seeking force at work in all we do.
  4. But, it still requires some carefully arranged specific actions on our part to help us allow nature's process to flow.
  5. Natural Meditation employs the gentle recalling of a word-thought, called a mantra, chosen from English or your native language.
  6. The method, not the mantra, is the key. If you try to concentrate, you will miss the target. Because concentration keeps you in the driver seat, it prevents expansion of consciousness.

You now have completed the basic introductory information that prepares you to begin sitting in Natural Meditation. The next lesson is dedicated solely to "hands-on" practice.

There are several preparations that you must make to have a good experience in Lesson 3. You can do these at any time before Lesson 3.