Guided Meditation

Objective: to have a session of Natural Meditation that begins with the proper approach.

Uses Guide Cards 1,2,4,5,8, and 9.

You will now do a short meditation. It will include a period of normal meditation, but will begin with some mini-meditations that will be guided, just as they were in Lesson Three. This should help you establish the habit of non-striving and non-straining.

Before starting, you will need to set up your Guide Cards. This time, you will not use the full set, but the method will be just as it was in Lesson Three. You sit with the cards in your hands on your lap and just read them one at a time and do what they say.

This meditation will take about 22 minutes. After the sitting, you might prefer to stop your study for the day. You would then pick up the rest of Lesson Four (reading two long Ideas) tomorrow.