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Meditation is Natural

Human Meditative Talent :
We all have a natural ability to meditate. And we don't just mean sitting quietly and settling down. We refer to a scientifically verifiable, profoundly significant shift that happens in the body and mind.

This change is pleasant and refreshing and brings new kinds of healing and nurturing to all aspects of life when done regularly.

The natural meditative function comes into play within a few minutes as long as the person is not struggling or trying to make things happen. We have to step to the side a bit and let nature do the details.

During these kinds of non-striving meditation, the body's metabolism slows and the mind opens up and settles down. The mind and body work in the background to repair and rejuvenate themselves.

This is a complex, intelligent and effective function. It arises as naturally as sleep, but it works on a different set of mind/body issues than does sleep. Regular experience of this enhances health and produces a long-term conditioning of the body and mind.

We call this function the "meditative function." Learn some more by reading this excerpt from A Course in Meditation:

The Meditative Function
      -A Course in Meditation, book


Experience the Ease

Treat yourself to an experience right now. One is audio and the other is self-led through text.

1. Internet guided meditation audio:
Meditation MP3

18 Minutes. Do "Part One" of "The Guided Launch." Works well on mobiles (phones, tablets).

2. On your own for 10 minutes:
Steps to follow


The Science of Meditation

Meditation has a wide range of scientifically measurable effects. The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation reports over 1,600 scientific and literary studies on meditation going back to 1931. The growth in research, they report, has been "nothing short of spectacular." Learn some more by reading this excerpt from A Course in Meditation:

The Science of Meditation
      -A Course in Meditation, book

Brief Summary of Research on meditation

TIME cover article on meditation
August 2003

"Natural Meditation"

Why call it "natural?"
We use the word natural for any form of meditation that is designed to support and encourage nature's meditative function.

There are many methods and styles of meditation, each with different flavors and purposes. We teach a method called Natural Meditation designed by Ted Phelps in 1994 as a simple way of "turning on" the meditative awareness and deep relaxation that is naturally built-into all humans. Other meditation methods can do this too, but most of have considerable cultural components that can present obstacles for newcomers to meditation. Natural Meditation is like spring water--it has had nothing added.

Natural Meditation goes with the flow of the mind, not against it. It is like paddling a canoe in the direction of the current. You are still in charge and participating gently, but the ride is really being provided by nature, not our own force.

Going With the Flow

So, the presence of thought and sounds and other sensations is not a problem. Even falling asleep, if nature has that in store for us, is OK.

And it is not a period of concentrating and focus.

It can be done sitting in a chair or on the couch. No special clothing or rituals are needed. You can do it on a commuter train or in the library or office. Recommended timing is 20 to 30 minutes.


Audio and Text "Guided Launch with Ted Phelps"

Mobile-Friendly. Works well on mobiles (phones, tablets).

NEW for 2016. You can learn Natural Meditation right now, with an audio guide by Ted Phelps. You have the script to read and follow and lovely piano accompaniment. Ted guides you into the meditations but then times periods of silence for you. This is designed for mobiles (smartphones, tablets). So if you have one, you have this course wherever you are. It only takes one hour. Why wait? Tell a friend...

A Course in Meditation

A respectful, non-religious teaching method for Natural Meditation. It takes about a week to complete. Comes in two forms:

1. Text Online
Since our launch in May 2000, we have offered Ted Phelps' A Course in Meditation free of charge online. More.

2. Expanded Version in a Book
The course is was completely re-written in 2007 with a lot of new writing on the theory of naturalness as applied to meditative practice and growth. This version is available as a book, but a lot of it excerpted on our website. More.



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