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Natural Meditation Initiatives

Culturally Neutral, NonReligious Meditation

Learn Now. Free Mobile, Audio & Text

NEW for 2016. You can learn Natural Meditation right now, with an audio guide by Ted Phelps. You have the script to read and follow and lovely piano accompaniment. Ted guides you into the meditations but then times periods of silence for you. This is designed for mobiles (smartphones, tablets). So if you have one, you have this course wherever you are. It only takes one hour. Why wait? Tell a friend...
Look here to see his book:

A Course in Meditation
by Ted Phelps

328-pages, paperback

"A Classic Manual for Basic Practice"...extremely friendly and accessible...will help so many people enter meditation..."

-Sally Kempton, author of The Heart of Meditation and contributing editor of Yoga Journal

Take a Look!
- first 34 pages


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"Nature as Meditation"


Natural Meditation Initiatives presents meditation in culturally neutral formats and sponsors seminars and a free online course in meditation.

This is one of the top websites for information and instruction in health-oriented meditation and non-religious meditation. It gives basic information we believe is important for all people, regardless of their personal use of meditation.

Come in and read, listen, think, learn, and even meditate, on your own or with us. Our web's Open House is always open, "hosted" by Ted Phelps. So, drop in anytime. Browse our home page to get a feel for our message and then come in...
Web Open House

Our Main Message

We all contain a natural ability to enter the silence, collected energy, and expanded awareness of meditation. This ability is like spring water. It belongs to all of us, not to any single culture or religion.

• We all have a natural ability to meditate. And we don't just mean sitting quietly and settling down. We refer to a scientifically verifiable, profoundly significant shift that happens in the body and mind. 

• Since it is natural, we think all people have a right to know about it, especially to know how to let it happen within themselves. It can happen inside of religious meditations, but it doesn't have to. You can do this just to feel better and to become healthier, happier, smarter and more creative. Or just to be a nicer person to be around.

• Our site is not trying to get you to "meditate our way"--or any way. We just want people to learn something basic about themselves and meditation and to be able to learn about it on their own, without traveling far or paying high fees--or joining a group, unless they want to.

• At the same time, we know it takes more than a few web pages to learn an art like this. So, while we give you some meditation "snacks" to nibble on if you are hungry (as do most meditation web sites), we also give you a place to take the full course meal and some food for thought.

• Get occasional email reminders from us. We can all use a reminder from time to time about meditation: its value, new research, new features on this site…or to just to meditate today. We won’t send you many messages from here. And will treat your information privately.

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Doing Natural Meditation


Study Meditation

Online, Mobile, Audio & Text

NEW for 2016. One Hour, free, audio with text, mobile-friendly. Based on our CD.

Online Text Course

One Week. Free. Online. Text.
We have sponsored this free online course in meditation since 2000.

Book Course

One Week. Book. US$20
As mentioned, above.

CD Audio Course

One hour. Audio CD. US$16
A warm, personal, audio guide by Ted Phelps.
"Full Meals"




"Food For Thought"

Meditate right now
(2 ways):

1. Internet guided meditation audio:
Meditative Experience
18 Minutes. Do "Part One" of "The Guided Launch." Works well on mobiles (phones, tablets).

2. On your own for 10 minutes:
Steps to follow

Overview of Basics

Open House Web
Open House PDF
-A Course in Meditation

What is Meditation?
-A Course in Meditation

Five Key Definitions
-A Course in Meditation

The Meditative Function
 -A Course in Meditation

The Science of Medtiation
-A Course in Meditation

The Benefits of Practice
-A Course in Meditation

Steps in a Sitting of N.M.
       -A Course in Meditation

Mindfulness & Naturals
       -A Course in Meditationn



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